permanently fixes kinked hoses


Watch the video below for video instructions on fitting your device.

Yes! Kink Out has been designed to be thin and durable. It should not obstruct the hose going into its reel.

By using Kink Out you’re avoiding throwing away a hosepipe, which will either be incinerated, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions or will contribute to landfill. Help save the world, choose Kink Out!

You need as many units as there are kinks in your hose. Each Kink Out package comes with three units in it and each Kink Out provides a permenant fix.

If your hosepipe is between 14-18mm Kink Out will fit on it!

If it’s not pushing on easily maybe your pipe isn’t warmed up enough. Try heating up the section of pipe with the kink on it in hot water for a minute and then give it another go!

Kink Out LTD is passionate about the environment. Our plastic contains recycled content and is recyclable. It is also not single use plastic and has been designed to provide a durable solution to your hosepipe’s kinks.

The option is up to you! If you want an invisible mend, then choose the colour that matches your hose best or, spice up your garden a bit and choose the colour that nicely contrasts your hose.

Yes it will last in winter. However, all hosepipes should be put away during winter months as most plastics will deteriorate in variable weathers. Look after your garden equipment properly!