How to Look After Your Garden During a Summer Heatwave?

This July has seen unprecedented temperatures hit the UK, with the hottest areas reaching a sizzling 40 degrees C during the recent heatwave. Given that we still have August to go, which can also get very hot, now is the perfect time to give some thought to gardening during a summer heatwave. For many of […]

Five Gardening Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

However experienced a gardener might be, they will always be susceptible to making mistakes that can impact the success of their horticultural labours in the longer term. This is especially true for summer gardening, as there is often so much to think about and do those well-practised routines can go awry, and well-researched projects do […]

Essential Gardening Tools For a Festive, Floral Summer

The longest day has finally arrived, heralding the start of high summer. The sun has been shining, and the gardens are looking glorious. However, with summer comes the hard work of keeping the garden looking at its seasonal best. Lots of watering, weeding and watching out for bugs are required, along with a well-stocked shed, […]

Water Hose Tips for Gardening Without Rain

Keeping plants alive and grass green and healthy when rain has not fallen for days, weeks or even longer is no mean feat. Often, a lack of rainfall is accompanied by warm temperatures and blazing sun in the summer months. All of these weather conditions can prove challenging for gardeners striving to keep their plants […]

Easy Watering – How to Avoid Hosepipe Kinks and Other Summer Gardening Irritants

How to Avoid Hosepipe Kinks and Other Summer Gardening Irritants

Now that summer is almost upon us, many keen gardeners will be eyeing up seed catalogues, checking equipment and paying close attention to the weather forecast. This is because preparations for the summer gardening season are now well underway in many homes across the country. A key aspect of keeping a stunning summer garden is […]

6 Ideas on How to Get Rid of Garden Waste Responsibly

Garden Waste

Summer brings with it increased activity in the garden. Not just from the people doing the gardening either – flowers are bursting into bloom, fruit and veg are coming on apace and grass and plants are enjoying a period of accelerated growth. All of that means that more waste is generated while a garden is […]

10 Drought Tolerant Plants That Don’t Need Much Water To Grow

10 Drought Tolerant Plants That Don’t Need Much Water To Grow

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, British gardens, especially those in the Southern counties, will be more and more seriously affected by climate change in the future. Gardeners are being encouraged to make changes now to turn their beloved plots into a landscape that is better able to withstand higher temperatures and periods of drought. […]