permanently fixes kinked hoses

Kink Out is the splint for your hosepipe

It’s easy to fit, super affordable and helps reduce
gardening waste!

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How it Works


Locate your kink

Identify the area of your hose that has creases.


Warm up kinked area

Your hose should be warm and pliable before fitting. Submerge the creased section(s) under hot water for 1 minute.


Pop on Kink Out

Push Kink Out over the creased area, you’ll know it’s in place when it pops over the hose. Voila! You’re ready to keep gardening.



“I live in Florida and here we go though all kinds of weather patterns. The Kinkout did not crack and stayed on the hose. It did not cause the hose to bend, stop or slow down the water pressure. Kinkout is a simple little tube that solves a hose’s big problem.”


“As a keen gardener I was tired of battling with an unruly hose pipe with several kinks: does what it says, easy to fit, value for money.”


“I was so ready to throw my hosepipe away, it was riddled with kinks and had become completely unusable. Kink Out completely fixed it and its working as new again. Thank you, lovely product!”


“I’ve been recommending this product to all my friends. Such a great idea and what a beautiful touch that you can plant the packaging once you’ve used the product! Love it.”

Plantable Packaging

Kink Out’s packaging is embedded with wild flower seeds and is 100% plantable!